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About us

The spirit of Mendo, our founder Pei’s lab, is the inspiration behind the LabCreatrix Pack. Mendo's courage, loyalty and playfulness has been deeply instilled in his little brother, Halo. He now holds the torch of being the staunch guardian of our pack; ensuring we continue to look after our talent and clients!


LabCreatrix recruits and places highly qualified marketing and creative talent with businesses in the creative, marketing, technology, banking and other sectors. Together, we offer 32 years of staffing experience, and as a team have been working together successfully for over 5 years.

One thing we’ve noticed along the way is that freelancers often miss the community feel while on a project for a period of time. They still want to belong to a ‘village’ of sorts while retaining their independent status.

We’ve also noted that our clients want a staffing partner that listens, genuinely cares, and places great people who can bring the best, most on-point ideas and solutions to the table. We work closely with our clients who are creative directors, marketing leaders, studio managers, HR managers, helping them with placements that save them time and sanity.

We started LabCreatrix in the spirit of collaboration. We are creating a community for us, for our clients and talent. Experience has taught us that successful recruiting requires not just the delivery of a qualified candidate, but also the ability to find, nurture and support well rounded candidates that could become valued, long term employees. This simple insight has served us well and won us the trust of many long-term clients and the loyalty of those we have placed.

Need someone who can articulate your creative mind? We’ve got that, and more!

Pei Evans
Our fearless leader Pei Evans brings almost two decades of experience in the creative and marketing staffing industry to our pack. Prior to founding LabCreatrix, she worked for four other employment agencies (including one large global firm), rising to director level. Pei strives to always put kindness and human connection first, and inspires her team to do the same. She loves Berkeley and spends lots of free time visiting with local vendors and neighbors (that is, when she’s not sculpting, pickling fruits and vegetables, or trying exotic foods).

Pei lives in the SF Bay area. Please connect with her on Linkedin.

BORN: Yilan, Taiwan
LITTERMATES: Two older brothers
FRIENDS: One Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Halo), two cats (Stella and Cosmo), nine chickens (all named after spices – Sesame is the favorite), and thousands of bees.

Nigel Barboza
Nigel Barboza is not only our Finance Manager, he’s also a proud local businessman (and Irish Coffee enthusiast – visit him at Brennan’s Restaurant here in Berkeley!). He has worked with Pei for many years, and he always manages to humanize numbers. He also brings an impressive new level of zen to his role and to our team. We all feel lucky to work with him.

BORN: Karachi, Pakistan
LITTERMATES: Two brothers and a sister; he’s the second oldest
FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS: Mischievous 1-year-old kittens named Rory and Tai

Colleen Massey
Colleen personifies being grounded (meaning feet in the grass, as opposed to the high school ramification for getting a D- on your math exam). She’s not only an avid outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things requiring a backpack, hiking shoes, a bike, or an oar, she’s worked as a wilderness guide and program lead in several states. Colleen also holds a Masters degree in Holistic Health Education specializing in Nutrition. Creative recruiting allows her to indulge her inner artist (her mediums are paint, stained glass, and pottery), and gives her a chance to help clients build well-aligned teams, execute vision, and reach goals.

BORN: Asheville, North Carolina (she recently moved back after many years in NorCal)
LITTERMATES: Two younger brothers
FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS: None presently, but she hopes to adopt chickens and bees soon

David Gordon
Dave is an adventurer. For years he worked as an educator, guide, and experiential facilitator which allowed him to travel the world and get to know and befriend people from different cultures, different countries, and different walks of life. He climbed volcanoes in the Andes of Ecuador, was a goat herder in Tunisia, and a SCUBA diver in the Caribbean. He was born and raised in the California Bay Area and has lived there on and off his whole life. Amidst all of his adventures, one of Dave\'s biggest joys in life is making connections and connecting others.

BORN: San Leandro, California
LITTERMATES: The youngest of 3 with an older brother and an older sister
FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS: None right now, but in the process of getting bees.

Christian Evans
Christian enjoys cultivating relationships and building sense of ownership, equity, in professional and in personal lives. Years of shepherding communications, supervising accounts, and managing risks within investment bank and asset management trading operations have honed in knack for inspiring and collaborating on creative solutions. Christian caught the entrepreneur “bug” at an artificial intelligence and machine learning software technology start-up, in retail and fintech domains, and feels jubilant about the disciplines and the sapient human “touch” required to listen with and look after the LabCreatrix Pack and its “tribe.” Christian’s inspired to guide good people to find creative and sustainable outlets in satisfying vocations while integrating personal lives. Christian has enjoyed coaching youth mountain bike cross country riding and racing, volunteering with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for foster children and loves philosophy, history, travel, adventures, cooking, and harbors aspirations to be a modest NorCal surfer.

BORN: Sosa, South Korea
LITTERMATES: Two older sisters
FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS: One Chesapeake Bay Retriever “Halo,” two cats “Stella” and “Cosmo,” nine chickens (all named after spices – “Sesame” being the charm), and thousands of honey bees.

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